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Download a world map widget that uses Google Maps with Earth view.  Students can see the entire planet or zoom in for as much detail as possible.  As you can see in the video, within seconds, you can go from a view of the entire world to one specific location (like the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York).  Since you can zoom in and out freely, you really only need the one map to cover anything you'd want students to see throughout the world.

Download the updated versions of the Exercise Widget here: Annotate Widgets.  There are two: one portrait and one landscape, depending on your needs.  This version uses Keynote to generate the image or text that students will work with.  The video below shows how to work with them.  If you'd like to add type to the widget, download Annotate and Type Widgets.  To access the type box, you need to tap in the left or right margins (the white area).  You can still draw/write/annotate in the gray box.  Remember that it's one big text box, so you can use the return key and space bar to move anywhere within the area to type.

Download the Exercise Widget and make your own written work in iBooks Author for your students.

This one is a cool trick I figured out.  If you set up Notability a certain way, you'll be able to continually and effortlessly collect student work whenever they update their writing.  This stems from my desire to streamline workflow as much as possible.  Now, you won't need to create assignments in an LMS, and students won't need to perform any extra steps to get you the work.  Notability and GoogleDrive do all the heavy lifting.  Plus, since it's cloud-based, you won't be building large files on your iPad or computer.

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